Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Missing Daddy

I have read on many other people's blogs that they almost use theirs as a journal, for them to go back and read about things that have happened ... that is basically the point of this post. ENJOY

Justin is gone at camp this week, this will be the longest he has ever been away from Marcus. Today I showed Marcus a family picture. I pointed to Nala and said "That's puppy!" I pointed to me and said "That's Mommy!" then I pointed to him and said "That's baby Marcus!" then I pointed to Justin and said "That's Daddy!". I wasn't even really thinking about the fact that Daddy has been gone for three days, and as soon as I pointed to Justin and said "Daddy" Marcus reached his arms out to the picture like he wanted Daddy to hold him!! SO PRECIOUS! I almost felt bad for the little guy. I cannot wait to see how excited he is when Justin gets home on Friday. When he gets really excited and happy he has the CUTEST laugh that I cannot begin to explain, but I know I'll get to hear it on Friday :-)

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