Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's Been Too Long!

Sweet baby Marcus

A few quick updates for family and friends :-)

Marcus is literally running around the house now! He LOVES to be chased!! Every time we say "I'm gonna get you!" he starts cracking up and running before we even attempt to move after him! It's great!

This morning while Marcus was eating breakfast Justin had come downstairs to let Nala out. When Marcus was finished eating, I cleaned him up and let him free! :-) Then I was cleaning up the table and Marcus' breakfast tray listening to him giggle and laugh from around the corner. All of a sudden I realized his giggle sounded further away than it should. So I run around the corner and didn't see him in the dining room or library. I thought, "Surely Justin put the gate back up after he went back upstairs." I continue to run around the next corner that leads to the stairs. Low and behold Marcus was half way up the stairs thinking he was good stuff!! As I grabbed him, I put my heart back in my chest!

"Can you imagine two of me?" :-)

A HUGE highlight of my world right now is that I am not returning to full-time work yet. I am going to be looking for some sort of part-time tutoring or teaching, but Justin will be able to watch Marcus while I do that. I am extremely blessed to be able to stay at home with Marcus again this year and not a moment goes by that I am not aware of that!! I have loved every single second of being a mom and can't imagine not being able to savor each of Marcus' precious moments.

Mama's baby boy :-)

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