Monday, May 25, 2009

From the Beginning

About a year ago I guess I thought it was about time I started a blog. So I am now getting around to it, since I do thoroughly enjoy reading about so many other people's stories.

Our family actually started almost two years ago with our beautiful little lab, Nala. Long story short we were in Indiana fourth of July weekend of 2007 visiting Justin's parents and the house across the street had puppies they were giving away or "getting rid of". And since we have always wanted a yellow lab, Justin thought "why not!?!" So with some coaxing I gave in as he claimed to take 100% responsibility - which he really has kept up with! At her first vet appointment she weighed in at 11 pounds and is now around 85 pounds! She is great and has calmed down A TON since we first got her. I couldn't imagine life without her and she definately helped prepared us and taught us a lot about the next season of our life ...

Which brings me to basically a year ago ... June 2nd, 2008 at 3:10pm when my amazingly precious son, Marcus, was born, all 8lbs 14oz of him! This past year of being a mommy has been unexplainibly, rewardingly, incredible! Marcus has brought so much joy into our lives and has filled us with more love than we ever thought possible. As we near his first birthday I can not imagine our lives without him. I would have to say his "firsts" - from lifting his head up from the floor, rolling over, smiling and laughing to crawling, eating and now taking his first steps - have been such marvelous moments for us and we cannot wait for many more of those to come.

Marcus has developed such an awesome personality already. We can tell he is strong willed with yet such a loving heart. He is beginning to understand the word "no". I actually told him "no" today and he decided not to touch the light socket and kept playing instead :-) He loves giving kisses - we are working on getting him to close his mouth for these! haha! He loves to play rough with his daddy, to make people laugh with his silly faces and he loves to laugh himself, pat/pound on and kiss his big puppy Nala, and most of all, he loves to dance when we play music. Marcus is such a happy baby boy, he really is almost always a smiling bundle of joy!! By the way, Marcus and our 85 pound dog are best friends. She is amazingly gentle with Marcus and just sits there when he pounds on her and climbs all over her!

Here are a couple great family pictures that Nathan took for us about a month ago.

Me and my two amazing boys!!

Well there is a quick overview of what has been happening in Justin and my life for the past couple years. I am sure in the next few post I will do some back tracking and adding onto our story!

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